A dark and spooky power outage

A winter storm came through Edmonton with some heavy snow on Thursday. Because of whatever reason, my apartment building lost power for a large portion of the day. Goodbye fridge and freezer contents. I had a lunch date at noon, which is when I finally ventured into the darkened building… but even when I returned, it was creepy and for the first time oddly silent and completely devoid of other people. It was a surreal experience, and I just wanted to compile my overdramatic tweets and some replies all in one handy place. So here it is, the spooky power outage:

Creepy stairwell

Broken Elevator

Dark hallway

Parkade in the dark


Ran into an @EPCOR worker.He says there has been multiple explosions along our line.Power is out for four blocks in my area. No idea why yet

— Brittney Le Blanc (@britl) April 5, 2012

I fled to my friends house after the elevator incident and we watched Sherlock season 2. Definitely not a bad way to spend a Thursday afternoon.